automatic farm gate opener

Today, an automatic farm gate is a much improved version of the old rusted metal gate typical to rural farm communities and smallholdings. It is a big step up towards providing long in the tooth farming stalwarts with better security in those most isolated areas of the country where law enforcement agencies and the proverbial neighborhood watch cannot be relied upon for many, many miles.

An automatic farm gate opener kit contains the following main hardware. The kit includes heavy-duty bumpers, adjustable gate latches, hinges and locks. These are the main components that are required to carry out the smooth process of automatically opening and closing gates in five easy to follow steps. The farm gate opener kit is suitable for both new and old gates. Gate latches can be adjusted in stages to remain open for as long as forty-five seconds. While pipe rail gates are best equipped for automatic gate openers, the openers work well enough for all kinds of gates.

Purchasing a self-installable kit is not expensive and the cumulative weight of it comes in at around fifty-eight pounds. In order to open a gate, the PVC sleeved bump arm is pushed open gently. It is the user’s vehicle that is doing the pushing at a ‘slow rolling speed’. The user drives through once the gate opens. Without stopping, he continues to follow through, gently pushing the bump arm until the gate swings open completely.

In accordance with custom adjustments, the gate will remain open for a number of seconds before closing slowly behind the driver. It is recommended to new users to make full use of a gate wheel that is also included in the abovementioned starter kit. It is also necessary to check that the vehicle’s bumper has an even surface in order to engage and push bumper arms smoothly.